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Thread: Another ATSF masterpiece

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    Default Another ATSF masterpiece

    Many thanks to Bob Wirth for another gem added to the TRANSCON. This is no small feat. The HEREFORD sub moves us closer and closer to Chicago. Again many thanks


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    Default post subject

    Hi, Got to agree,what a great route and dead easy to install.Route_Riter only needed to Animate the points.


    Ron P
    " To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer."
    Paul Ehrlich

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    Awesome job, Bob.....and I don't recall ever having any problems with any of Bob's routes and I've got'em all!
    I'm like an old SD9; It Growls, Howls & squeaks...but it will run forever!

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    ..........Agreed with all the comments. Many could learn from this outstanding series of routes. An ease to install, seldom any problems - well tested prior to release and well detailed. All that a person could ask for - add my thanks to those of the others! - Mike

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    If any of you guys are up for it, would love to see some screens in the screenshot forum. I'd like to see a bit of it prior to downloading, though these are pretty nice endorsements.


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    I took a short ride on Bob Wirth's Hereford Sub west out of Amarillo toward Clovis and checked out the tracks in the AE--the route looks fantastic! A few years back, I got the chance to see the route for real while visiting family members at Clovis. The entire route has numerous switching opportunities--you can get some sugarbeet cars to take loads to the Holly Sugar refinery at Hereford and there are plenty of other things to do...coal can be taken to the big Power Plant east of Texico and there is another coal area up north of Amarillo. Cattle are not shipped by rail any more, but they still need grain for Cattletown where large feedlots are located. Bob has a lot of cattle along the tracks and in reality they are certainly all along the tracks. The biggest shipments from the area will certainly be grain crops with elevators located at every town, and it takes liquid fertilizer to grow grain--a lot of locations are there for those tank cars.

    Bob, thanks for another outstanding route--your dedication to the hobby is nothing but the best as is your work. Since Amarillo is your home where you grew up, I hope this will not be your last effort. I can understand how you may feel like you finally made it there after all of the routes you have done.

    Bob's routes are always made with the intent that one does not have to have a powerful computer in order to use them. He always puts in outstanding track details, creative historical ATSF buildings, and other details that makes his routes very historical. When Bob puts in a yard, it will look like what you will see on Google Earth. This route has switching opportunity about every five miles. It is not like the other routes that Bob has done where there are long stretches of track with little to do. Sure you can run all kinds of trains across this route since it is the busiest track going from Chicago to the west coast, but you can run a lot of locals as well.

    Again, thanks ATSF!!

    Bob Edwards

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    Smile You can say that again!

    This is another masterpiece. I was westbound from Canadian about 10 minutes after I downloaded the zip file. Thank you, thank you for these wonderful recreations of the ATSF main lines.

    John DeLamater

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