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Thread: failed to load track database question

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    Unhappy failed to load track database question

    Hello: I am new at route design and thought I had all track laid and ready for roadways and level crossings. Suddenly, RE will not start my route (although other routes are fine) with two messages of "failed to load track database" and " road database read failed". The last change I had made to the route was an attempt at roadway which I thought I then deleted.

    Only other area that I may have screwed up concerned xtracks. I had downloaded and installed xtracks and found it to be too much for my learning curve. I replaced the tsection.dat with the backed up version and everything seemed o.k. Yesterday, in cleaning up some files, I deleted the tsection.dat from a temporary folder I use.

    Of course, I have not backed up the route for the past five days! duh.

    Any suggestions. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbrooks29 View Post
    The last change I had made to the route was an attempt at roadway which I thought I then deleted.
    If you left the *.rdb completely empty, that will cause the problem you describe. Open that file with WordPad or some such, and if nothing is there but the SimIsAJinx header, delete it. It's of no value to you.

    If that was the case, you should be OK now...


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    Default failed to load track database question

    Thanks for suggestion. It was easier than that. I went back and selected "rebuild the track database". Works fine now.

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    Default Why ask for advice if no intentions of following?

    Running TDB Rebuild function can actually damage a route to the point of making a route into junk.

    You would do well to take the advice given because that was the way to recovery with the least chance of destroying your route.

    Being a noob routebuilder and not heeding an experts advice is a sure path to ruin.

    Now some more advice: Get the donationware version of Route_Riter, ObjectRotator and AlignU.
    These three utilities are absolutly essiential if you expect to complete a route.
    Backup the ENTIRE route by simply zipping it and store the zip file on a seperate hard drive if possible after EVERY route editing session. It only takes 5 minutes to zip a route and it makes foe EZ recovery if there is a problem.
    Burn the zips to a DVD disk for archive backup.

    You may ask; 'Well how often should I backup?'

    The answer is another question:
    How much editing work would you like to repeat when the route crashes?
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    Also, with rare exception, you should keep the most current tsection.dat file available on your MSTS installs.

    If you don't want to have to navigate the oodles of track and road pieces listed in the file that you don't actually have installed in the Route Editor, Route Riter can generate an annotated file based on only the files you actually have on your system.

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