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    Can you tell me which image file to open to start repainting.
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    For rolling stock in the TRAINSET directory, shape (.s) and texture (.ace) files are located in the same directory. The shape file specifies which textures are used by image elements. Shape File Manager can be used to expand a shape file from compressed binary to a text file.

    images ( 2
    image ( Us2Dash9.ace )
    image ( Us2Dash92.ace )

    You can also use Shape Viewer to see which textures are used by a shape file. Open the shape file then select Textures from the View menu.

    To edit an existing texture (.ace) file, open the file using Tgatool2a, right click either the image or alpha channel and choose Send To Editor. This will create a new file in the temporary directory c:\users\user\appdata\local\temp and open the file using your selected image editing program. After editing the image file in the temporary directory save the file and the texture opened by Tgatool2a will be updated. To also update the texture file select one of the options from the Export menu.

    Shape File Manager

    Shape Viewer


    Tgatool2a with AceIt
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    Thanks I can now start working on my seaview repaints.
    FBI Raids gun Shop Finds Guns. I Never Would Of Guessed

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