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Thread: Canadian Pacific 2317

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    Default Canadian Pacific 2317

    I am new to the rail fanning community and I知 not really sure how 2 gather support for saving a locomotive from being retired
    this weekend I went to Steamtown NHS to ride their excursion on east Stroudsburg and I found out CP 2317 was on her final hours of service and the park is not going to rebuild her they池e going to retire her (hopefully they値l leave her in doors) I am connected to her because I was on one of the last excursion trains she pulled before being assigned to yard work only. I was at rail camp in 07 and I got the chance to help fix her(it was only holding something with a couple of other people while the shop guy welded it on) but it was still working on her she is also their most powerful locomotive and their best fired and loved by all of the crews
    one of my friends is going to create an online petition for saving 2317
    any ideas on how else I can try and stop this

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    I'd say a petition and talk about it on Trainorders(*)com. However, I don't know that what you've heard is necessarily true. I've heard that before myself, but when I went, they said that they plan on continuing to run her. I'm not saying that you're lying, but everyone seems to hear a different story.

    She's my favorite engine as well.
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    Guys don't feel bad. I have been trying to save these engines as well. July 31 2009 they will be cut up and sold to a Chinese steel mill.

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    thanks guys
    but this time its ture
    their buget is going 2 repairing 10 static desplays, and more coaches
    but u need a locomotive more powerfull than #3254 2 haul longer( i got stuck over pocono sumip past devils hole with her and a 10 car train) trains
    but #26 is comeing back
    that leaves 1 main line steamer
    the #3713 is more powerful than the #2317 but #2317 nd #3713 are their best pullers #3713 is gonna b a few more years before shes useable
    and my freinds in interpertation and the shop say its gonna happen
    the thing 2 do is spread the word and try to stop it

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    I'm pretty sure the only way to stop it would be to buy the locomotive from Steamtown. If they say they don't have the money, they don't have the money. Times are hard right now, every one is having to cut back somewhere. Their ridership is probably down so they need to make cut backs.

    I'm sure the worse that can happen is they store her in doors for a while, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't scrap it. This is Steamtown were talking about.

    I love anything CP BTW

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    i work with the national park service at the statue of liberty and
    ik what their saying is not completly true
    they have the money with the stuff obama is giving out to create jobs
    they could put some of the money towards rebuliding her
    the goverment supervisors are morons and they spend the money in the wrong places
    also if their restoring more cars ridership must be increasing

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    The Steamtown site has this to say about the 2317

    At the end of the 2009 season, this locomotive will be due to undergo it's 1,472-day FRA-mandated inspection. The Park is in the process of administratively preparing for this huge project.
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    I believe you mis-interpreted what was told to you.

    "Last Hours of Service" to me means the Flue time is up, and she is due for her 15 year overhaul (1,472 day inspection).

    The boiler thickness will be checked, the crown sheets will be inspected, any cracks in the sheets, or boiler will delay her return to service date, or potentially scrub the project. They will also check and replace stay bolts as needed, along with performing regular maintenance and wheel work.

    Depending on the work force, and what is found, the engine could be operable within a year, possibly less.

    Currently i've heard the trailing truck is the reason she is stuck in the yard, and there are several leaking Flues that have been capped, but she is still within FRA limits
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    i was told by 3 conductors and 4 rangers that her was gonna b mothballed
    and the supervisor was strongly considering retireing her and ik about the trainling truck problem
    the reason i was giveing fore retirement is money money money
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    This may be of interest to you: it would appear that it will be running for many years to come after this inspection.
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