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Thread: RailDriver - Why does it go round in circles?

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    Default RailDriver - Why does it go round in circles?

    I have a 'problem' with my Rail Driver that I want to know if y'all have experienced. When I hit the right-view arrow or left-view arrow on the round blue knob more than twice in quick succession, the view continues to spin. ONLY by hitting the ESC key and going back into the sim does it stop.
    (Reminds me of the song but I caint think of the singer)

    Have you all experienced this and if so, what do you believe causes it? Is there a download on the Rail Driver site that you have installed that causes this NOT to happen?
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    I find this happens on very densely populated parts of routes. I suppose it's a memory issue. Have had it happen on Monon, GN Hi-Line, PRR-Eastern, just to name a few. All are very detailed routes, with massive object counts in a given tile. "Fix" is about how you described it - save, exit, run saved activity. Annoying, but usually not fatal, ie, the activity can usually be completed.
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    Yep, I've seen it.

    It also, on occasion, while spinning the camera, tends to send a bunch of, is it ctl-['s ?. Or whatever the key is that uncouples the last car from the train. So many, in fact, that most of the train can be uncoupled in short order. I find it quite tough to reconnect all the individual cars when this happens.

    But I have never had to exit to make it stop the spinning. Just ESC, then press 'Return to game' or whatever that screen says will clear it up.

    I don't know what MSTS does, but I suspect it starts a camera spin on a key-down event (perhaps increments a variable on key-down) and stops the camera spin on a matching key up (perhaps decrements a variable on key-up). As long as the key presses show up in pairs, no problem. Keyboards and probably the RD automatically repeatedly send key-down/key-up pairs when a key is held down so if the keyboard buffer fills up (overruns because the computer is too busy doing other stuff to handle keyboard input) and it looses the last key-up event, then the camera will continue to spin forever. Even pressing other camera movement keys won't stop it. Pressing escape must reset all the camera movement variables and it returns to normal thereafter. It's just a guess.

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    I don't have any expierience with RailDriver, but was this song you were thinking of?
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