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    Hi. I'm running EA Rail Simulator and Rail Driver on Vista 32bit and can't get the function keys to work - with the exception of the RD on-off function key which does work. Can anyone suggest what's wrong? Brief history of my installation follows:

    Downloaded latest software from raildriver site to avoid the raildriver.dll installation problem
    Updated RailSim for updates 1 & 2
    Changed the raildriver reportconfig.txt file to avoid the angelscript errors
    Changed Rail Sim setting to expert to get the throttle, brakes etc to work

    Al levers and switches seem to be working normally and calibration is fine but no response from fn buttons. The weird thing is that the macros do work - if I start RDMWII.exe and then press the Rail Driver function button that has <F1> assigned to it when I'm in another application - I get a help screen popping up just as if I'd pressed <F1>. However I get no response at all from the function keys in Rail Simulator (as I said exception being the RD on/off).

    Thanks if anyone can help....
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    Try starting RailDriver MWII by right clicking the RD MWII icon and left clicking on “Run as administrator”. Now try using the blue function buttons.

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