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Thread: [RW]Time saver: Quickly Load/Unload a rake of wagons

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    Default [RW]Time saver: Quickly Load/Unload a rake of wagons

    Tip from simuk on ukts

    There's a new way to set a whole trainload of wagons as Loaded or Unloaded when making a scenario now, saving a huge amount of time!

    Click the 'consist select' button in the bottom left slide out panel, and then click on a wagon from the rake that you want to load. At the top right of the screen the slide out panel will show as normal, but when you click the button next to the wagon icon it will load ALL of the wagons that are highlighted. Great for loading a long container train (which can now be placed as the colours of your choice instead of all being red containers), dozens of HAA hoppers, 5 plank wagons, seacows, and anything else that used to take ages previously!

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    That will make the loading of containers onto multiple wagons easier, but can a loaded consist be saved into the Consists register for use in other routes/scenarios ?

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