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Thread: Blueprint and Asset Editors

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    Default Blueprint and Asset Editors

    If anyone from Railworks is out there, what is the story on the Blueprint and Asset editors.

    What is the method of launching the editors?

    Do we need to uncheck the box in settings for full screen?

    If I launch the blueprint editor and then launch the asset editor, pick an xml file from my source folder and then hit preview, does the asset editor window then launch, or do I have to open it manually?

    On the few occasions where I have actually got my object to appear in the Asset Editor, I am not able to pull out the flyouts from the LH side of the screen.

    And then once I have it showing in the Asset editor, how do you exit???

    I have had to use the Task Manager to force close both the Asset Editor and the Blueprint Editor every time I have used it.

    I love the comment in the Creators Manual, that the Asset Editor will not be discussed in this manual.

    Where do we go to get information to make this IMPORTANT aspect of the simulator to work?

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    Hi .. yep , the asset editor still needs to run in a window , though window size is not fixed , current size I use is 1680x1050

    Not had any problem exiting the blueprint editor , sorry no help here.


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