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    Default Added Value?

    I am not a route builder, reskinner, or anything of that nature.

    In RS I was able to install and enjoy many of the third party assets and a couple of the freeware routes. I am a US user and have never even looked at any of the European routes (no offense intended) in Railsimulator. I was able to create a basic standard scenario or two on the Cajon route for purely personal use.

    Give the way I use the simulation, is there enough added value in Railworks for me to consider it a worthwhile investment, especially at the current discount price?

    Opinions from those of you who have already purchased and used RW please?


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    At discount probably yes. At full cost I would want a clearer idea of what I was getting. Little was done to RS to make it RW. Almost all changes were graphics. The more technical areas were untouched. Will they be addressed in the future, we do not know since a cone of silence has descended upon Rail Simulation. For full price I would give it a couple of months.
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