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Thread: Nice to be able to report something positive

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    Default Nice to be able to report something positive

    Sometimes it is desirable to be able to edit a locomotive's .geopcdx file to change LODs or even some texture names.

    With Rail Simulator this was possible using RS_Tools or Serz.exe but although you could uncompress the steam loco .geopcdx files, you could not recompress them after editing. I did report this to RS at the time but was told 'You are not supposed to alter the .geopcdx file, so this is not a bug'.

    Fortunately, someone must have agreed with me, because the new Serz.exe which ships with RailWorks now correctly uncompresses/recompresses locos like the Black 5.

    To use this with RW_Tools, it is probably easiest just to copy Serz.exe and msvcp71.dll into the same folder as RW_Tools.exe. This always seems to work, whereas copying it into the System folders for various operating systems means pointing to different folders each time and tends to confuse some users.


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    Wink Came to the wrong shop for positive

    Half the people are grousing about something, the other half are grousing about the people who are grousing. but I'll give you an


    It's a good start, now to figure out what the datablocks are so we can fiddlediddle with the shapes.

    I still haven't found what sets the default ground height offset or orientation so I can loft some of the unlofted bridge sections.

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