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Thread: Consist Operation Am I Doing This Right?

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    Default Consist Operation Am I Doing This Right?

    Hey all

    Can someone tell me how I can get my loco, in this case the Class 37 to couple to some wagons in an adjacent siding?

    On the Hedborough North Route
    So far I have
    Clicked the Consist Operations Option for my loco which is in the siding 'Old Shed 2'
    Then clicked add to back and individually click on each wagon that I want to add.
    I then go into 2d mode a click the marker for 'Old Shed 1' and nothing happens.

    Am I going wrong somewhere?


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    go to that page and select the 'consist operation' video

    You seem to be doing it right other than clicking on the siding where the cars are, after clicking on the cars.

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    Consist ops

    -rollingstock have to be on a siding with a SIDING marker,,,,try using a DESTY marker, it won't work!

    do your' add to back' add to front etc, then CLICK THE SIDING MARKER last, to complete this op, only then will the cars be 'added to list'

    THEN, your good to go, try again

    hope this helps

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