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Thread: Set Gradient on Existing Track?

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    Question Set Gradient on Existing Track?

    I am trying to make a crossover on between two existing track they are not perfectly parallel since not created with twin track spec. Plus, they are on different gradients. Because they are not parallel or perfectly aligned vertically I can't use the Crossover tool. So I need to use the two switch method. But, this will not work because of the vertical difference and the different gradients.

    The question is - how do you set gradients of existing tracks numerically? The lower left flyout only seems to be for setting up new track.
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    As the cabdriver said, "Practice, practice, practice"! That's the key to most of this, stumble around until you get the hang of what works and what don't, eventually you can do the complicated stuff once you master the simple. And that ain't simple, to get good switches the turnout has to match the straight section pretty close in grade, and then a short crossover joining the two switches would end up rather humpy bumpy. Easiest way is to get everything level and accept the steeper or shallower grades leading to the crossover.

    Two tracks not quite parallel, one at 0.2% the other at 0.4%, different elevations, drive ya CocoNuts. Fist thing is to make a level section.

    Use the split tool to chop out a long enough section for a crossover, and temporarily split the tracks where you want the grade change to pivot above and below. Setting pivot points with the gradient tool works sometimes, but temporary splits are a sure thing.

    Now I attach short temporary level sections to the cutoff ends, and doubleclick on each one to to get an average height. Find that and type the same number in for the Y value on all four temp sections, that snaps it to the new height and drags the tracks they're connected to up or down, changing the grade.

    I'm using a different texture here to illustrate, normally you would stay with the same texture. Snap to Track ON, Snap to Terrain OFF, drag new sections from end to end and wiggle until it snaps to connect.

    After that the crossover is easy since it's all level. Reweld the splits at the top and bottom of the grade, all done.
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