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Thread: Graphics Card Setting Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugsbunny View Post
    Using gtx260 in SLI and using 32x with nhancer (just my in game setting is at 8x)
    What setting are you using in game?

    If you are forcing AA on RailWorks via Nvidia’s control panel or with nHancer you should have AA turned off in RailWork’s.

    You would have to be running RailWorks at some ridiculously low resolution to require 32xAA to obtain good image quality.

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    Not at my PC at present so can't give you the precise settings, but I believe I have everything set to the highest resolution etc., except I have shadows off.

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    Can you offer some of the other settings besides those in the link????? e.g. force mipmaps, texture filtering, verticle synch, and the others in the "manage 3D settings" menu? Thanks, Barry

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