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Thread: Weld or Join Issue?

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    Question Weld or Join Issue?

    The photo shows what appears to be a perfect macth between two track sections. However, I can neither Join nor Weld them. If there was any displacement the red lies for each section would notoverlay. I have, in RW, fiddled with two sections to perfectly match the red lies and they then weld ok. For some reason this one will not weld or join.
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    Regards - Dick
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    Hi Dick:
    I also have had the same problem. I have found that sometimes I can place a gradient gysmo on the junction and click it. It acts as a weld function for some reason. Don't know why, doesn't make sense, but it has worked on occasion. Be sure to check the rest of the sectons for any changes.

    Hope this helps, no quaranties

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    Hard to tell from the pic, might be an overlap or not aligned perfectly. I've found the easiest way to connect is have Snap to Terrain OFF, Snap to Track ON, chop out a long section and introduce a slight curve at each end with long straight sections crossing at a slight angle. Then drag a curve from one straight to the other, forming two switches. Delete excess tracks and weld.

    One thing I can see from your pic, you got a badly formed switch in the distance. Usual cause for that;

    Got a section here made of short chopped up sections, switchmaking gadget don't have elbow room to work.

    End result is a bad switch. Easiest cure for that is to start the switch on an unbroken track section, so tear up that track and replace with a long stretch before making the switch.
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