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Thread: The ES44AC can't idle ;-)

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    Default The ES44AC can't idle ;-)


    I don't think it's been mentioned but the graphic for the Throttle has positions 1 through 8 but no idle! Zero percent throttle of course is idle, it just doesn't show.


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    Never noticed that before, Gary, usually not looking down at what the control levers are doing.

    As you said, F4 0%-Idle shows the throttle lever at 1, 10% at 2, 23% at 3 and so on.

    I suppose somebody could re-paint these numbers to 0 - 7, this es44ac_cab_1.TgPcDx seemingly being used by all my 16 versions of it.

    Should there be an audible click when moving the lever from one notch to the other and can not be moved to any position in between notches ?

    All this does not bother me, as long as the locos can be driven the way I want to, having modified their simulation settings, but could others ?

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    really there should be an idle notch AND a stop notch, so its 2 notches off. i mentioned this a looong time ago with railsim.

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