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Thread: Unusual Railaorks.exe Activity

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    Cool Unusual Railaorks.exe Activity

    I was curious to see if telling Steam to run offline really meany OFFLINE. Looking at my firewall log I did not see Steam but did see Railworks.exe the thing referred to by Rail Simulator as a "wrapper". I looked at my firewall log and noted the info in the second photo. I entered the into my browser and was greeted by the first photo. Railworks.exe also accesses another IP address but this one is from Comcast, my ISP. It is their DNS server. A curious way to determine if I have internet access or a way to test a address against the DNS database. Who knows?

    The third photo shows our old friend Steam which is supposedly offline. I haven't traced that stuff yet. Just thought I would toss out what I have to see if something was just amiss on my end.

    Blocking Railworks gives the 4th photo. Very Interesting - Sock It To Me!


    Looks like railworks is trying to work with the Wiki except that address is odd and registered in the Netherlands.. I have it blocked down to the port and IP. Steam is totally blocked. It is interesting to be paranoid.
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    Thanks Dick, just reminded me that I need to fix and update my Linux desktop, so I can do all my Internet stuff from there.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of paranoia as the saying should not be, "what you don't know can't hurt" rather, "what you don't know will hurt".


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