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Thread: RW Tools 1.0.17 Question

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    Default RW Tools 1.0.17 Question

    I am confused on Step 5 of the installation of RW Tools 1.0.17,

    Make sure you go to the Options menu and set up Paths to a picture viewer, graphics editor, Acrobat reader and of course for RailWorks, if you also have Rail Simulator installed, then set up a path for it as well as this will enable you to copy Assets/Routes from Rail
    Simulator to Rail Works.

    What would be the paths for the picture viewer and graphics editor? I assume I have a picture viewer, but I am not sure about a graphics editor.

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    Default Won't need them right now.

    You can probably skip everything but the path to railworks and Acrobat Reader for now. If you ever do get into repainting stuff;

    Has a bunch of free utilities for editing textures.

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