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Thread: Could Proper Signals Fix AI?

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    Default Could Proper Signals Fix AI?

    I wonder if properly functioning signals could fix the the problems that are in the AI (Artificial Intelligence)? If you think about the things that are found when multiple trains occupy the same tracks, with full scheduled interaction, signals would be used in real life to manage these situations. I would guess that it is cheaper for a railroad to use signaling to maximize the use of limited tracks and avoid laying new track whenever possible. Just a guess.

    If there is some truth in the guess that would be good. At least we have the controlling scripts for signals so adjustments can be made. Nobody, on the outside, has the code for AI. There is also some doubt if the vendor presently has the skill-set to make AI changes. Finally, my standard mantra, Rail Simulator has little appetite to invest in prototypical complex rail operations due to the ratio of the cost versus the limited market.

    So, is there a chance the customers could fix the signals and use them to manage the AI?

    A good link to get an overview:
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    I really belive that fixing the AI pathing issues is key to getting the sim to work in a reasonal manor. If the turnouts are locked during the AI transit, then signaling is not relevant.

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    I have found that it helps but using the AI is still very tricky.

    I don't want to name anyone but I purchased a route that had a combination of single and dual track.

    I was confused because the signals allowed me to have head on collisions and two trains occupying the same single track. So I started reading about the signals and looking at the scripts. I figured out that the route was not always using the correct signals so I removed all the signals and put down what I thought was correct. There are no included signals to stop one from entering a single section of track from a dual section if another train was doing the same thing from the opposite end. You would either have a green or a yellow indication and so would they.

    I edited a couple of the scripts so that if the signal in front of me was red then this signal was red also. After a lot of testing I finally got them to behave the way I wanted them to indicating red all the way through the single section of track in one direction or the other depending on who arrived first. Was it possible for both trains to enter at exactly the same time? Yup, but that took a lot of timing and effort but still, it was possible. Did it stop the AI from entering the track if it was already occupied? Yes, it did.

    I also found that I could never get the system to signal correctly on a double crossover "X". 3 out of the four signals would work but one would never show the correct aspect so I removed the double crossovers an put in two single crossovers.

    I will not go as far as to say it will fix all AI issues but I can say for sure that correct signaling will stop some of the weird AI situations that happen and also improve your experience as a driver because you will see more accurate signals yourself.

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