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Thread: 1 head 0T not working?

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    Question 1 head 0T needs passing train to properly setup the signal

    Disclaimer:This is again from a person who drives automobiles not trains and is undoubtedly known by many.

    The first picture shows the track/engine in the editor mode. The signal looks as you might assume it would.

    Next in player mode but before the AI engine moves (set for 10:01). Now the signal, to me, looks wrong.

    Next the player mode has run and the engine has passed the signal. This seems ok.

    Finally the engine returns beyond the signal and we now have a proper red.

    I want to report this to Rail Simulation but do not want to look more poorly informed than I already am.
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    I think you are dealing with one of the little bugs.

    When creating signals you must exit back to the routes screen before the signals will initialize correctly.

    Going from Edit to Play will give you inconsistent results.

    Should this be fixed? For certain!


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