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    I hope this isnít a dumb question. I started a route. I got the dem data imported and the track markers from toporoute. The terrain and markers are that good that it is possible to follow the river and tracks without markers. Anyway, how does one go about creating a rail bed to lay the tracks? As it is now, the markers go over sides of ridges and what not. Seems I have to do some kind of bed prep before laying track. Iíve tried the different tools but very strange things happen. I end up with stuff looking like the grand canyon. My starting point is Lewistown Pa. and I have markers and terrain east to the Enola yard. Thanks for any help.

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    Best to post screenshots so we can see what it is you're having trouble with. Couple links;

    Best way I found since I'm doing a fictional route on real terrain (and therefore need to do my own surveying to find the easiest grades) is to start at the top and lay track downhill so I don't always have to look underground to see where the end of the track is. If your roadbed is real world accurate you might try turning the "snap track to terrain" tool on, or use the gradient adjust tool and hold down the L key on the keyboard while clicking the yellow doohickies aong the track. When the markers run thru ridges you have to look at the real thing, see if they put a cut or a tunnel there and follow suit.

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    Thanks Sniper. I wasn't sure if I should have laid track then imported the dem, or the way I did it. I would like to work my way from Enola to Altoona. It seems the dem part is fairly easy. Once I started messing with the tracks it all fell apart. I was hoping for an easy way to just create (level) an area for the roadbed, then lay tracks on it.

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