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    We need a wiki for this..

    My biggest problem with RS and now RW is the way it corrupts the xml/bin files when you are editing your scenario. It does the same thing I think when you are working on route design.

    It does dumb stuff and then you are totally lost because a perfectly good scenario stops working. AI traffic that was working now just ignores signals and runs into each other.

    Here is what I am finding out. This program does not like you to go back and edit something you have already done. Going back and adding another train for example to a yard or a siding can cause the game to corrupt itself. Working in close proximity in a yard and trying to move a train with the shift select will often cause a lock up of the game. Trying to add cars to a consist will often cause corruption.

    The game does a horrible job of making sure the vehicle numbers are not duplicated. This one thing will cause you nothing but grief because once it happens it will corrupt your Services so that even if you fix the vehicle number, that will not fix the problem. You pretty much have to dump all your AI services and rebuild them including all the tasks associated with all your services.

    So here is a tip. Place all your consists where you want them. Add all your engines as you want them and then double... no triple check to make sure you do not have more than one engine with the same number. The game will not do it. It will give you two #7688 engines for example. It will give you multiple freight/passenger cars with the same number. If you have already created your services and you discover this, there is a good chance they will still fail because of some ghosted piece of info buried deep in the bin/xml file even after you change the offending numbers.

    Try uncoupling or coupling to Coal Hopper 12987 at Station A when Coal Hopper 12987 is also sitting at Station C, 40 miles away. Try deleting it and you will get a message that you can't because it is being used by a service. Why? Because it is part of your 30 car pick-up order back at Station A.

    This is one of the issues that I think is the cause for many a corrupted scenario. This duplication of vehicle numbers.

    So before you create any AI or Player Services, again. Make sure you do not have any duplication of vehicle numbers. Is there an easy way to do this? About the only way I know of is with Find/Replace in notepad or something. Maybe someone can create a program to check for duplicates.

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