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Thread: Future Steam Update Wishlist

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    Impossible, since the physics is incorrect because the game physics is incorrect, not because of wrong settings the UK locos have incorrect physics too. so the correct question is: How about correct physics in Railworks 2?

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    A new American route to the standard of the WCML would keep me happy.. If they manage to get a route out that matches 3D trains superb MSTS offerings for the US market (And fix the way distance is rendered) I would be ready to drop MSTS.

    One major problem at the moment is that to many payware routes (even if they are accurate) are just far to generic looking in terms of Assets.
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    the biggest thing I would like to see are power pole without the wires running into the ground, would be easy by removing the wires from one end and lifting up
    the outher to connect up to a second pole section

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    The ability to have multiple saves when hitting the F2 key


    a screen appears and you enter the name of the save. Save 1, Save 2, or Save 3

    That way if anything happened while your building your route and it crashed all you have to do is load save 2 or 1 and continue were you left off at

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    i don't think they're gonna release an update with these fixes, may they will work around in Railworks3 ! I directly contacted them and they say we aren't doing any headlight fix atm. kcuf

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangzeb View Post
    I directly contacted them and they say we aren't doing any headlight fix atm. kcuf
    The technical update released a couple of weeks ago says:

    One of the main visual goals is to implement a dynamic lighting system. This will allow us to have many more lights in the world, e.g. train lights, platform lighting and internal lighting.
    So I'm pretty sure the 'headlight fix' is at least in the pipeline, and I would guess be due some time this year.

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    louder ambient sound, and the external version of the rail-joint sounds to be used in the cab instead of what currently sound like jungle-drums (the HSC F7 has this nice cab reail-joint sound already, but copying it over to other cabs doesn't work too well).

    Also optimisation of the core code so my CPUs and GPU get used more than the current 50% max load. (robably not possible if they're using visual-basic). This is NOT a memory issue, because people with 6gb of RAM get this problem too.
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    Better crossings that are customizable(# of track signs, extra lights,electronic or mechanical bell mesh and sounds,cantilever or mast,quad setups) and better compatibility with RW 1 and 2 add ons. And call me crazy, but they need to hire railfans as sound directors/recorders! Which will mean better sounded horns. And automatic flashing ditch lights and dim lights for all locomotives that are an option to turn on or off

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    Physics seems to be a high priority. And a better hud display or track display. The current one takes up to much of the screen. yes I know you can turn it off but a smaller one would be nice. oh yea ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

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    How about a version of railworks that actually works.

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