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Thread: Future Steam Update Wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by styckx View Post
    Just saying, in the overall scheme of things, does this really matter much?
    I think it does matter. It's in the blueprint editor and it is disabled. The super elevated curves are in the track rules and again, disabled. I have asked them to fix the crossings Two years ago and people say this doesn't really need fixed kills every chance of what I want fixed. Quite frankly I'm getting sick of these add-ons that mean nothing to me. All I want is for them to fix the core program.

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    No it doesn't matter when the core of the "simulation" is still retarded even on the most basic level.

    Here. I even made a video showing two points of what I mean by fundamentals and these only scratch the surface.

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    I'd also like to see:

    *The removal of the "Firebox Extinguished" fatal mistake.
    *The removal of the "Locomotive Ran Out of Water [in tender or tank]" fatal mistake.
    *The removal of the "Game Over" tab.
    *Air brakes for Invincible from the Isle of Wight addon.
    *Clickety-clack sounds for the Southern 5-plank trucks from the Isle of Wight addon.

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    Default Who are you guys talking to?

    Are all of you listmaking grumblers talking to anyone other than yourselves? In other words, are you sending your comments to [email protected]? Guessing that RailSim managers, creators or technicians will read your posts on this or any other forum is like guessing what the weather will be next month. If you want someone to pay attention, write directly to that someone, not to the world in general! Describe your issue clearly, completely, and calmly, adding as many diagrams and screenshots as possible. Far too many of the posts to this forum are pretty much incomprehensible because they're based on irritation rather than logic. And don't expect that someone to drop everything and tend to your particular difficulty or question. Give it time...yes, even more than a day!
    Come to think of it, the process I'm describing is not completely unlike prayer; no, I'm not saying that the folks at RailSim are gods, just that they should be approached rationally (an appeasing tone wouldn't hurt, either) and their reply should be patiently awaited. Meanwhile, keep checking the wiki (which does sound a bit religious) and work on something else. Maybe you'll be able to solve something yourself?

    Tom Pallen

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    Perhaps, just maybe, we're just having some fun on a messageboard discussing things. Ya know, that's what message boards are for. Chit chatting, release some frustrations, having innocent fun making lists.
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    I doubt it will make a difference whatever you do. Grade crossings and the trailing engine sounds should never have been broken in the first place and certainly should not after two updates and a whole new release.
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    Default Hi Banner Switchstands

    The switchstands in RW are not as they should be in the USA. The most common manual switchstand for industrial track is the hi-banner switchstand. Yards have the ground throw (hub style) stands and the new construction have the tri-glide switchstand. This is a common item that should not be overlooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhallanger View Post
    The switch stands in RW are not as they should be in the USA. The most common manual switch stand for industrial track is the hi-banner switch stand. Yards have the ground throw (hub style) stands and the new construction have the tri-glide switch stand. This is a common item that should not be overlooked.
    Do you mean switch stands like these below, which have been available in RS for some time now, supplied by Tom Moyers (Livercup).

    Forgot to move some of them closer to their blades ends.

    O t t o

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    Default Some assembly required

    This is a chicken and egg issue, first fix the core problems, get something that works right, then you attract the tinkerers who can fix and tweak the little stuff. Driverman made a good example;

    The 7F cabview from Rail Simulator for the 7Fs. In Railworks, it's cocked far right and/or far left to the point where you can't read the water glasses.

    That's one of them "do it yourself" projects, you don't need the developer or any kind of programmer to tweak that kind of stuff to your heart's content. Get RW_Tools, go to the


    folder, copy the folder to a backup. Open the 7f Cab Camera.bin file with RW_Tools. Look for the datablock;

    <X d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="000000A09999F1BF" d: precision="string">-1.0000</X>
    <Y d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000000000000840"
    d: precision="string">3.5000</Y>
    <Z d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="00000000000012C0"
    d: precision="string">-4.4000</Z>

    First line is left/right of center, second is height above ground, third is distance fore/aft of center. The minus sign indicates left or aft, without the minus sign it's right or forward. Fiddle with the numbers until you get exactly the view you want. Change that -1.0000 to -0.5500 and you'll get the same position it had in railsim. They probably moved it due to popular demand, they ain't about to move it back if one guy don't like it, so learn to do it yourself and you can adjust all that stuff according to your own tastes. The whole point of having a game that's moddable is so you can modify that kind of thing yourself.

    Learn the Ways of The Force, young Jedi, take control of your world.
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    I hope as of right now, is working on bringing all of the realistic stuff from MSTS into Railworks. Things that were taken for granted from MSTS in the making of Railworks.

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