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Thread: New Route Template Not Showing in RW?

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    Question New Route Template Not Showing in RW?

    Made a route template with RWTools v43. From the picture you can see it ended up in the proper place but you also see that it is not displayed in RW. Looking at the BIN files seems to show no problem. Wonder if anyone else has had this?
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    I wonder if this is one of those times where you need to delete the blueprint.pak file and let the sim regenerate it on the next startup of the sim.

    I dunno

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    Default That would be my guess

    I'm about 90% sure the way this works is the program looks for a blueprints.pak file, and if it finds one it loads the info from that and skips hunting thru the bins, bans, and buns. Loads faster that way, but developers need to delete them to force a rebuild so changes and additions will be loaded.

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