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Thread: ERROR 789 Unexpected chunk

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    Default ERROR 789 Unexpected chunk

    I just started the Steam app and it started downloading updates to RailWorks.

    When completed, I started RailWorks and attempted to run several native scenarios and each time I get the following error:

    ERROR (789): Unexpected chunk
    FILE: ../API\core/cFxException.h
    LINE: 113

    I deleted all the Blueprints.pak files to have the program rebuild them, but still get the same error. I can't run anything in RailWorks.

    Does anyone have an idea how this can be corrected?

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    Question Unable to duplicate, bench checks 4.0

    I got the update last night, tried a couple of the free roams, no problems. Got a list of which ones are crashing? Might be scenario and/or route specific.

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