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Thread: VCR Changes Start Times

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    Default VCR Changes Start Times

    The picture shows a simple track setup. Service 1 & 2 are both Special priority and set to start at the same time. Service 2 is a short distance behind 1 and has a bit longer path. Run Play mode and both head for their individual destination (1 & 2) with no collision. If I run with the "VCR" thing the first time they run the operation is identical to Play mode. The next time Service 2 has had its start time incremented by 1 minute to 10:01 and it does start at that later time. Subsequent VCR runs retain this 10:01 start time for Service 2. Multiple runs in Play mode produces no changes in start times.
    No signaling is present. Service 3, which is set to 10:02, is unaffected.

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