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Thread: Destinations Not Saved Changing to Play Mode

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    Default Destinations Not Saved Changing to Play Mode

    I had 3 destinations in the list. I deleted two using the little trash emblem in the destination flyout. Closed the flyout and reopened to verify the change had been made.

    Clicked on the large orange arrow and entered play mode. The AI train executed three instructions instead of one. Looked at the destination flyout and all three destinations were there instead of one.

    Tried saving the scenario manually with F2 before going to play mode. Once again the flyout showed only one destination after F2. Went to play mode and the train executed three destinations. Back in scenario mode the two deleted destinations reappeared.

    Regards - Dick
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    Dick, I haven't seen this happen before.

    But one friendly suggestion I would make in the way you describe the issue is that you need to be a little more precise, eg. by detailing what type of instruction you were doing this with ( stop at, passenger pick up etc ) or , was it a instruction with more than two destinations ? If so were you trying to delete a instruction that was in the middle of others as I think you are not supposed to do that.

    What I think you should have done is either delete all instructions in that window after the one you wanted deleted and then re do them or have multiple separate instruction icons with not so many instructions contained in each one.

    I am sure someone will correct me if I have it wrong but that is the way I would do it.

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