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Thread: Tempermental Portals

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    Default Tempermental Portals

    I am working on a fairly simple scenario on the Cajon route in RW.

    I have been trying to dispatch my AI traffic from portals instead of setting the trains on the track in specific locations.

    However, more often than not when the time comes for the AI train to appear out of the portal the scenario ends with a message on the screen saying that the particular AI train has left the path.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to correct it? If I set the same AI trains on the track instead of adding the into the portal they run fine.


    Oh, BTW this is a standard scenario. I am not interested in doing a freeroam version of this.

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    Well the first suggestion is not to put a X in the off path box for the first command ( in case this is what you have done ), which may seem counter intuitive.

    The other option is not to use them to produce trains but to only consume them as they can be temperamental when using them in this way.


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    Cool Entertaining reading

    Some of my early stumbling around with all this, but the relevant portion if you don't want to wade thru all that;

    A train spawning from a portal into the world needs a clear block to spawn into, in other words if you consider the portal itself as one signal the entire block between that and the next signal needs to be unoccupied at the moment of spawning. With no signals on the route or insufficient signals (unguarded yard switch for example) the block is considered occupied, and the portal acting as a signal is "red", the AI train don't want to pass the "red signal" that the portal is trying to shove it thru, an altercation then ensues and the Error Police come in to bust up the fun. So when you're making routes with portals use a clear stretch of single track with at least one signal between the portal and the mainline, then the spawning routine works as reliably as anything else in this Rube Goldberg contraption. For scenarios on routes that aren't yours you could try placing a scenario specific portal at a place where the trains will spawn into a clear section with enough room between the portal and the next signal, assuming they got the bugs out of that particular kludge it should work.

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    I have had similar issues when creating scenarios. The Mojave portal is one that gave me particular trouble. I only had 1 train being generated from this portal so I can only say what I did for this one train that was having trouble. At some point I might have had more than 1 though which might have caused the issue.

    I watched the scenerio in double time and the train generated fine and then took a wrong turn at the first junction it came to and I would get the "off path"

    I noticed there were no signals at that junction and added signals and then the AI seemed to correct itself. This was an automatic junction without a signal in the direction of the portal.

    That is one thing I'd look at. Here is the other.

    Whenever you are creating/editing a scenerio and you change a junction position in the 2d map, it creates a file in the scenario folder called "initialsave.xml". From this point forward it uses that file to set the junctions when you start the scenario.

    Maybe it is as simple as deleting that file if you are not setting any junctions yourself. Maybe somehow that junction setting has changed since you first put the train into the portal and when you put it in there it didn't need to change that junction but now it does and that is not part of the saved instructions. I don't know how it all works so I can only guess here and maybe give you a clue on what to look at.

    One of the nice features of the scenario is that you can save junctions in a certain state. The bad part is, when you are playing around and creating, the second you change a junction and save the scenario, it creates this file for all the switches and from that point the junctions are in that postion when starting the scenario. Often that is not what you wanted at all. It can be helpful if you want to start the player out with a particular path pre-selected through the junctions but can also cause unintended junctions, that you might have touched by accident or when testing, to intialize to their current position at the time you save the scenario.

    What I don't know is, once this file is created, if this file updates every time you save the scenario or only after you change a junction manually.

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