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Thread: SW1200 skins?

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    Default SW1200 skins?

    Hi all-

    I grabbed the BN and Chessie skinned SW1200 from digirails, and I saw the Wisconsin Central skin and also grabbed that too.

    Is the SW1200 what UP uses, and SP used? Or Conrail? I'm not the best with engines but I think I've seen this engine in those colors. Does anyone know of other skins or where I could find these three specifically?

    If there is a reskinning guide, I'd be willing to try that, although I know there are pros here who are much better at the realism part than me.

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    Thumbs up This still works

    I use RW_Tools rather than the thing he's talking about, and DXTBmp from for conversion to PSP, otherwise the procedure is the same.

    Make sure you look at this one;

    Jivebunny was mostly reskinning European stuff which don't have the outside "skin" visible from the cabview, so you have to change that part too unless you want to see Family Lines from inside the cab. All the Dick Cowen stuff I've done so far is dependent on having the original installed cuz his models are too screwy to try to figure out all the assorted bits and pieces. He does that on purpose, it's revenge for us throwing all his tea in the harbor.

    As for which prototype actually used what I dunno, google search for the railroad you're interested in usually turns up a historical society with photos and rosters.

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    The SP had sw1200's of it's own as well as the Cotton Belt & T&NO subsidaries. I found some different images around the web. One thing that you will notice is all of the different extras the SP added to its switchers such as lighting packages & number boards "normal" sw1200's did not have. Also the SP & SSW units had extended range fuel tanks you can see them sticking out from under the air reserverior.

    pic1 SP pic2 T&NO pic3/4 SSW
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