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Thread: convert your google decals quicker..

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    Default convert your google decals quicker..

    it occures to me that not everyone is an expert with a lot of software.
    So I offer this to you.

    Setup a simple macro to convert and save your jpg from google so it works in RW.

    1: open photoshop and load one of the images you want to convert.
    2: on the right side you see the 4 windows. look at the 3rd one down with the "history" and "actions" tabs. We are going to make a new action.
    3: click the "create new action" icon in the box. Give it a name. Then press "record".
    4: manupilate your image as normal. Reize - select - modify the selection - inverse the selection - create the alpha channel* - fill the selection with white - save - close.
    5: when your done converting your image start to finish. Go back to the window on the right and press the "Stop" button.

    Your new "action" has now been saved.
    From here on out, you can load your image. Run that one action.... and its done. To convert your pic will now take less than a second, and 2 mouse clicks!.

    * to make the alpha channel:
    Go to the layers, paths, chanels box.
    Click on the Channels tab to make it active.
    Click the "create new channel" button, and bingo. The alpha channel is now created!.
    Any white in this new layer is 100% visible. Any other 'colors' are treated as a function of transparency.
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    Default Good information, but----


    That is all good information to have -- if you use Photoshop, but that is pretty
    expensive software and the Elements version does not do everything that the
    full version does.

    I use Paintshop Pro-11 which is pricey, but not nearly as much as Photoshop
    so when I use a decal, I just create it manually. I found that Paintshop is much
    easier to use and has the same functionality, at least for what I need it to do,
    as Photoshop

    J. H. Sullivan

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