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    I guess the only consulation in asking stupid questions is that others will see the
    answers and avoid making the same mistake. Thanks Otto, Adrian, and others who
    help us neophytes. While I find myself answering many questions for the neophytes
    in MSTS, I am at the bottom of the learning curve in RW, but I like it so far. Still have
    a few questions though like.

    1. How do I create a NEW scenario in RW -- and
    2. Assuming that editing a path of a scenario crashes RW like it does RS, what
    does one need to keep for a empty scenario to substitute.

    For now, however, we have reached BS Cabin (I don't know what BS stood for in
    this case, but it was not effluent of a male cow) which is at the west end of
    Covington, Va yards Now we start the real climb to the summit of the Alleghenys
    on a 1.5% (for the most part) grade. A couple miles ahead is 639' Mud Tunnel
    and then there are 3 short, and two long, tunnels after that, before the summit
    tunnels - two in number, more or less parallel but bored at different times.

    At this point, the center siding ends and we go back to double track. It is a
    signalled siding laid with mainline steel even though it is otherwise part of the
    Covington yards. The Asymetry of the junction is like it really is. At the other
    end the junction is symetrical and I got it as close as I could.

    This line has an interesting history, including the Big Bend tunnel where supposedly
    John Henry did his thing. More importantly, to this day it takes much less power
    to move a loaded train east - the normal loaded direction for coal, than to haul
    the empties west. In olden days, the massive C&O Allegheny (2-6-6-6) could haul
    80 or more cars east, but then needed a helper to take the empties back. Helpers
    cut in at this center siding and pushed to the west exit of Lewis Tunnel at which
    point the head end was 30 cars or so over the crest and about to enter the crest
    tunnel, which lay 30 car lengths or so west of the crest of the grade.

    J. H. Sullivan
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