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    Default Can This Be Done?

    I created a small factory setting using the route editor. It consists of a concrete yard made of 5 strips of concrete, a factory building, a smokestack, and a couple other odds and ends.

    I decided to move the entire setting a bit from where I built it, so I clicked on each individual component while holding down the Ctrl key. This made it possible to move everything in the group as if it were a single item.

    So, is it possible to Ctrl left click these items and then save the complete group with a name like "Factory Setting", so as to effectively create a new single entity that could be saved and reused over again?

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    Thumbs down Nope.

    Next best thing, move to a flat area outside the actual route, create a "template" collection.

    Click on the ground near the group and drag, get a big white circle around the whole smash. When you let go of the mouse button;

    Everything in the circle is selected. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and hit C (CTRL C is universal Windows "Copy", there are also copy and paste icons in this thing somewhere but I got old habits from Windows 3.1).

    CTRL V to paste multiple copies until you're down to 3 frames per month in the game. This works well for any object of the same type, but copying and pasting static scenery items along with roads, tracks, and loft objects don't work. Also when you paste it creates a temporary object so it readys another one, to stop you gotta right click, and you have to place, unselect and reselect the group before adjusting the height.
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