I guess they would be cross crossovers huh??

Okay. So I got to the junction at sittingbourne where the track splits off to Sheppy. There is a kind of triangle of track where it diverges from both directions about 460 meters appart from eachother. Then the two come together and head off towards sheppy.
So since this is a double track split, you have two switches and a cross over. Three sets to make up the junction.

What I discovered, to my dissmay... was that it cant render "curved" crossovers. The X track has to be straigh in both directions. The angle doesnt matter so much.
Makes things a little annoying, since I have to go back. Break the track to lay a single short segment to make the junction, then lay another short peice to cross the inner track, and then fiddle about to come together with the existing double track...

Ah well... at least its possible.