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Thread: West Virginia at Last, and cats

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    Smile West Virginia at Last, and cats

    This evening, in order to keep my cat reasonably quiet (she was declawed yesterday
    and will be a 100% indoor critter), I put her in a basket in the office while I played
    with RW. Made her a little bed with towels as she is on pain meds. and antibiotics. Her
    stitches will come out 9/22, but she is doing fine. This is the little Calico that I acquired
    last month after my 18 year old lady died.

    While PrettyGirl snoozed, I laid track. I am getting better at it, but there are two
    oddities that I wish could be improved. When viewing the end of track and trying
    to line things up, there is a disconcerting of switching of the view by 180 degrees.
    Then I wish the motion could be slowed down as you lay the track. I had two long
    tunnels to make, and I was able to accomplish this by burrowing into the ground
    where my serial marker line sorta hung in space as the only available points were
    at the portals. I also used the elevation tools and punched a few hold (okay, air
    shafts) down to track level and was able to get the tunnels in as desired. Lewis
    Tunnel is 4,000' and the summit tunnels are 4,750', not long as tunnels go, but
    long enough.

    The image shows the west portal of the Alleghany Tunnels, no portals yet, but
    the portals are plain concrete. Somewhere in my archives, I have photos of
    the east portals, which are easily accessible by Auto from I-64 which lies a
    couple miles to the north of the line. There is a lefthand crossover at
    Tuckahoe which is primarily used when it is necessary to close one tunnel for
    maintenance. All of this line is under TCS, once controlled from Jacksonville,
    but more recently control was moved back to Huntington, WV.

    J. H. Sullivan
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    Not bad for a start there.

    Just curious as to the era you're intending on.
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    Wink Era?

    Probably the current Era, although such things as signalling etc. have not changed
    on this line in 50 years or so, but soon they will.

    First though, I need to find out how the [email protected]#$%^&*() you create a new scenario,
    as all I can find is stuff about editing scenarios, and then I need to find out just how
    and what, to keep as a "empty" scenario so that post editing does not blow away the
    whole sim., and lastly, I need to find out just what it is that one must do to make a
    backup of a route - I assume you package it and back that up, but?

    J. H. Sullivan

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    Backing up a route is simple. Get RW_Tools and clone your route with a new name then if you screw something up you have a backup point to start over. I build a little and rename then I don't loose very much when I really screw it up. To me it is a must have. It's payware but well worth it and it's update all the time.

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    Default Yup

    That's a pic of RS tools, but RW tools does the same thing. Individual stuff;

    \MixMap - paint on the ground
    \Terrain - Hills, valleys, cuts and so forth.
    \Networks - road, track, and lofts.
    \Scenery - all the static objects.

    Knowing that, if you plant a whole bunch of trees and later discover you accidentally deleted a critical track section you don't want to redo, copy ONLY the backup of the \Networks folder in and you'll fix the track while preserving all the trees.

    As for scenarios;

    Procedure for making a new free roam is still the same, only difference is some of the new mousetraps they added trying to get this Rube Goldberg contraption to work have made the display name save somewhat iffy. Best way I found to get it to work on the first try;

    1. Place new scenario marker, type in display name.
    2. Place one engine, hit F2 to save.
    3. Delete engine, F2 to save again.

    After that the scenario name is set, if you want you can name that "empty" and leave it with no trains in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVRRMAN View Post
    Not bad for a start there.
    Not for the cat.
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