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Thread: Getting V fed-up !

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    Default Getting V fed-up !

    Hello, all I want is v simple and I can't seem to get there.
    I just want to free rome Siegen-Hagen in the summer with lots of rolling stock along the route to make it look less sparse.
    So I started with Finnentrop Free-Roam in the summer and after a while placing rolling stock I found RailSim.exe crashed all the time, especially during saves (although most of the time it did actually manage to save the route).
    From then on the scenarion was unstable. Clouldn't be played for more than 10 mins.
    So I am now left only with Siegen in winter (I messed up the Autumn one as well).
    I click on the scenario marker and sometimes the properties come up and I change the time to 7:00am. I like to start early mornings and then I get loads of daylight but often when the train starts driving away, in driver mode, it says 16:00hrs !
    Do I need some other scenario marker ? Am I looking at the wrong one ?
    I can see 2.
    Should the train I placed there have it's own ?
    I don't get it.
    And why can't I uninstall it anymore ?
    I managed it yesterday, today no. The uninstall routine in Windows (Vista 64-bit) leaves the icon in Programs and Features, although curiously there is no file size next to it. If you select uninstall it says "There was an error during uninstall. The program is already uninstalled."
    I can't manually delete it in Explorer because windows tell me I don't have permission !
    Uninstall routine takes me to a Steam screen which says the program will still appear in my program list but I won't be able to play it again until I have re-downloaded the content. Then, when I put the DVD in, the DVD doesn't give me the option to install, only RE-install.
    I am thinking of going back to RS.
    Although, come to think of it, I messed Segen to Hiegan up on that too.
    So how come I can edit Cajon Pass and get that going great and stable in roams that last for weeks, but Siegen to Hegan, no chance.
    Whats going wrong?
    Any ideas ? How do I uninstall ? and re-install afresh?
    And another thing, just got it going (although it insisted it was 15:00hrs when I had set it to 7:00hrs) and I can't get more than 3km out of Siegen without a coliision with an AI train, even though I can't SEE one and I have tried getting out on two different tracks!. Why are there AI things there anyway?
    I am supposed to be free-roaming !
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    Talking V for Vista?

    I don't have Vista, but from what I've heard you need to set assorted things to "Run as Administrator" to get them to work, possibly that's why it won't allow you to delete files. Also need to look at exactly what it is you're trying to uninstall and reinstall, for people who have never had a STEAM game before this can be confusing. Railworks isn't really a "stand alone" program, it requires the STEAM client which is another program, so it's possible the leftover stuff is part of STEAM rather than Railworks. In any case;

    You don't really need to uninstall and reinstall to restore default content, the Verify Cache is supposed to do that. One of the main advantages of STEAM is if you trash default files and forgot to make a backup, that Verify Cache restores anything that don't match whatever they have in their current version.

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    Default First law of Railbotics:

    Backup! Backup! Backup!

    You might also try using RW Tools to clone a standard scenario under a different name (for the scenario, that is) before monkeying around with it. Doing so will save frustration, if nothing else.

    Tom Pallen (still Italian)

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    Default Delete local content..

    To delete the game.
    Open steam, go to My Games, Right cligh on RW and select "Delete local content".

    Then it will process...

    When thats done, it will get moved to the "not installed" list.
    Then you can reinstall it.

    One of the issues Iv come across is AI Blocking.

    I found that RW will crash is you block too many AI routes.
    If X number of AI trains cant get to a marker it gets Really upset!. I think the dispatcher just gets drunk, shows up to work, tells the boss that he quits and sets all the signals to red... :-)

    The best was I found to edit a premade route is in blocks.
    Start with a new, blank scenario. try not to add any markers if you can.
    Then work on small sections. Add stock here, move this there. Save and test.
    If the test works okay, backup the sceneario and make the next set of changes.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for those replies.
    I have tried the delete local content thing. It didn't work.
    I don't know how to use tools to make a clone of a route.
    I don't really understand the concept of Steam and I aren't sure I like it.
    I like the thread suggested by Sniper and have added that to my favourites and will read the whole thing when I get home from work tonight.
    I like the talk of "administrator" permissions. I had trouble with that kind of stuff with Silent Hunter IV (if any of you don't have that, buy it imemediately) before.
    I am fairly sure that when I look a the properties of the .exe files they do have the administrator shield next to them, but I will double check that later. I also assume that Steam needs to run as an administrator.
    Thank you.

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    Default Oh... and

    Steam is certainly not putting my content back to default files.
    It is letting me beaver away, merrily screwing up every Segen - Hiegan route there is !

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