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    I continued to go back and fix my double track tunnels and have corrected
    the discrepancy at the White Sulpher Springs Tunnel as well as at Mud Tunnel.

    I am also going to fix Manns and 2nd Creek tunnels, which being straight bores
    should not pose much of a problem. I notice that if one is replacing a piece
    and uses the same gradient, exactly, and if it is tangent track, then the new piece
    readily snaps into the remaining pieces.

    So for now, a couple of images. SInce BNSF (and UP) power frequently shows up
    on CSX, it is not entirely incorrect to use two BNSF units on this slop freight that
    is heading west over Alleghany Summit.

    In the first image, we are wide open at nearly 60 mph (actually the speed limit will
    be 50 for freight/55 for passenger in the final work) as we approach the end of the
    middle siding, which ends at BS Cabin. At BS Cabin, the 1.4% grade begins and is
    pretty steady to about 500 ft. or so east of the summit tunnels at which it changes
    to 0.6% downgrade for a few miles and then 0.3% on average to Hinton. It was
    because of this gradient feature that more power was required to haul empty coal
    cars west, than to haul loaded cars east, although braking must have been a
    thrill before dynamic brakes came along. We will be down to about 40 by the top of
    the grade.

    In the 2nd image, we can see the crest of the grade (about where the dark stripe
    crosses the tracks) and the entrance to the parallel (but seperated) Alleghany
    Tunnels. This location is easily reached by road off I-64 right at the VA/WV line.
    Take the exit to "Alleghany" and follow the reasonably good paved road, south
    about 2 miles to the village and the railroad.

    J. H. Sullivan
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    Pretty good.
    Nice work.

    Keep it up, and keep us posted on your progress.
    Steam Nic :- ΞΕZ♠C๐צΞ Fraggle
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