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Thread: world of subways help

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    Unhappy world of subways help

    when i install the game and i go in two it and try to play it the cab does not show up it like i am just floating i can see everything everything works beside the cab view can some one help thank you.

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    Please describe your PC (i.e. Processor, amount of RAM, size of hard drive, and amount of video card memory, etc.)
    There are two versions of this game on the installation disk: One for more powerful PC's and one for PC's with less "horsepower." My machine is fairly powerful, and I use the "higher" version. When the sparks fly the train motion pauses for that split second, for example.

    If you installed the higher version I would try uninstalling it using the World of Subways uninstaller, and then installing the lower version. Also, be very sure that your anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall are disabled during the installation. This is most important!

    Ed Catterall
    p.s. I find World of Subways Vol. 1 to be a fantastic simulator in many ways. I wish the traction motors were noisier!
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