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Thread: Track laying question

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    Question Track laying question

    I'm just starting to mess with this thing experimenting with laying track and adding scenery just to see what I can and cannot do. And it's going pretty good, time consuming but good.

    But I have one thing I can't figure out, and I'm probably missing the obvious. When I'm laying switches/turnouts, or "junctions" as RW prefers to call them. They work ok, but...

    I have no switch stands with the the manual switches, nor switch machine with the automatic switches. Like I say they work fine, just now switch stands and I'm at a loss to why. The way I understand it they're supposed to go in automatically with the switch right?

    Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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    Default Track rules

    Whatever track rule you use has to have the manual junction lever entry in it;

    <Provider d:type="cDeltaString">Kuju</Provider>
    <Product d:type="cDeltaString">RailSimulatorUS</Product>
    <BlueprintID d:type="cDeltaString">RailNetwork\Junctions\Manual_Junction_Lever_1.xml</BlueprintID>
    <SidewaysOffset d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="00000060B81EF93F" drecision="string">1.5700</SidewaysOffset>
    <AnimID d:type="cDeltaString">Switch</AnimID>
    <TransitionTime d:type="sFloat32" d:alt_encoding="0000000000000040" drecision="string">2.0000</TransitionTime>

    And if you want automatic switch machines you'll need to download Tom Moyer's switchstands and make trackrules from his samples.

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    All default Trackrules have Manual switches specified, the exception being the Barstow yard trackrule.

    Like Jim says, there are no default Automatic switch motors. Download the CSX-Mainline route and you will see those from Tom Moyers being used, as well as other switch stands of his.

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    Thanks guys..... I'm figuring it out slowly..

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