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Thread: Question about patches & updates

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    Question Question about patches & updates

    Is there a list available somewhere of patches and updates made to RW through Steam?

    I ask this because on several occasions, when I've used the Railworks icon to open the program, a small box has appeared with the message that updates to Steam are being downloaded. The box just sits there apparently with nothing going on, so after a while I close it manually and then reopen Railworks, which happens normally. What, if anything, has been updated?

    But I'm more curious about seeing a list of updates to RW itself.


    Tom Pallen

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    Question Insert scew A in hole B, drop nut C and curse, hunt for nut with flashlight...

    Not what I would call a simple intuitive process, you need to launch STEAM, not the railworks launcher, and then find my games, railworks, select properties, then the updates tab, then view railworks update history.

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    Hi Tom !

    Which version number shows at the top left of your first Railworks window ?

    O t t o

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