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Thread: NEC v4 help

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    Default NEC v4 help

    i installed the Northeast Corridor v4 route and now when i save activities the game does not let me drive the engine correctly when i load them back up. I am driving an AEM-7 and it says i am braking when the train brake is released. Has anyone else had this problem and how is it fixed? (Is ther an update for NEC v4?)

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    I don't believe there is an update for the NECv4. But if the AEM7 is NALW there were updates for them( That may help your problem. Also try using the Z key to reset.

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    The PRR Eastern Beta contains what can be considered an updated NEC4.0 as that route was included in its creation. Track runs from DC to NYC Penn Station and west to the Horseshoe Curve.

    It is a huge eight part download with two updates. Look for prrbeta in the file library.

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