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Thread: Container Cars?

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    Default Container Cars?

    I have downloaded the container pack from this website. KRS container pack I think it is, and I am trying to figure out how to place loaded container cars into scenarios.

    IE when I installed my already loaded container cars changed to look like this, so I know the material is there, but any time I go to load a container car out of the menu, no matter which one I choose, I just get an empty bed without any containers in it.

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    The containers have to be manually loaded onto the container wagons.

    In the trains scenario editor a quick left-double-click on an empty container wagon should make a pull-put panel available on the right and clicking in it's cube will load the designed for it container into it.

    Holding the SHIFT key down and doing the above on a string of empty container wagons will load them all.

    Such a loaded with containers consist can not be stored in the Consists options, storing the empty wagons only.

    But a loaded with containers consist will save with the scenario !

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