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Thread: Raildriver Uncoupling

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    Angry Raildriver Uncoupling

    When I got my raildriver, I was really looking forward to switching activites at blinding speed. But whenever I take a few cars off of may train, say I cut the first three off and try to spot them at an industry, the throttle acts up. I put it in the notch 1 position, and it automatically notches up to run 8. Totally ruins any good activity. Any uncoupling causes this issue. Problem occurs with any route. I have train store. Any suggestions?

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    My experience has been that I left the cursor covering the Heads up (red) display in the upper right of the screen. This will cause the engine(s) to take off. Also, and I don't know which version of BIN started this, you will get random uncoupling of your train when in external view AND you press the Bell button on the raildriver. I've never figured out why, as it doesn't uncouple when the horn triggers bell.
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