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Thread: At WITS end with Engine blueprints

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    Default At WITS end with Engine blueprints

    Hi all

    Ive followed the tutorial twice now on the Engine blueprints with the SimpleEngine,

    Twice to get the exact same results, the locomotive ( or box ) will not move the only keys that work are that of (A) and (D) throttle thus , no brakes engine is off and no reverser. since there is very little documentation on control setups,

    My question being if there is anyone who has a working test Engine blueprint and simulation blueprint sets if they were eligable for upload the only thing we would need to edit is the minor IGS changes and a few other aspects such as bogies and stuff.

    Any comments welcome

    Current progress on a DC Class Locomotive

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    Drop your IGS into the example engine blueprint ( named exactly as the example IGS )

    this will get you up and running.

    As a suggestion.... I would then alter the bogie blueprint dimensions (in the bogie blueprints ) and the bogey positions in the engine blueprint.

    next in line would be to alter the front and rear pivot points ( take dimensions xzy of where the couplers would be )

    Collision box length is the distance between the pivots minus 0.3 metres ( a foot) or so

    This should then have you up and running with coupling action

    From here on in, it is a matter of naming your project and re pathing the blueprints to suit.

    Much can be learned from using this doner method . off coordinating all the various blueprints...

    Come back with specifics if you need more help / info


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    Default Taken advice

    Hi all have taken the advice of Sly

    but to no avail ive logged it with log mate and the runtime error is

    [RunTimeError 16:19:06] Blueprint being deleted with non-zero ref count
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06]
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06] ASSERT(mRefCount == 0);
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06]
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06] cBlueprint::~cBlueprint()
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06]
    [RunTimeError 16:19:06] c:\dev\railworksbeta\code\publicinterfaces\../Libs/Blueprints/cBlueprint.d.h : 65

    Iam getting very annoyed with this no matter what i do i cannot seem to get this up and running.

    Any Advice welcome

    Disregard that of the above ive got it working for now atm. only i have a problem with the bogies they flip upright ill have to look into that
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    What level of control are you running the game on ?

    Try intermediate and expert it may be that there are no input mappers .

    try running with the contol state dialogue open and see if it reports the controls changing.

    If the same is happening with both your original export and the example engine substitution... then it is something outside of your locomotive set up.


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    Default Hi Sly

    hi Sly ive got the controls to work at this time,

    i think in all due haste i will admit i think i had over looked a control in the Engine Simulation that i missed the second time round.

    only at this time i have a problem with the bogies

    see images

    In Scenario editor

    In Engine

    Not sure atm what could be causing this problem, Any ideas ?

    Ill review my max files and set bogies up again if needed

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    The axes of the bogies are not correct..

    Select all objects in your file.

    In the utilities menu select reset xform
    then click on reset select button.

    With all components still selected right click on one and select convert to poly.

    All your components are now at the correct orientation, however each comp0nent may need the origin point moving to the correct position.

    Start by selecting your main loco component.
    Then select the move tool as if you were going to move it .
    then under they hierarchy tab

    Affect pivot only.... then centre to the object this has now put the origin point slap bang in the centre of your component.
    Click align to world..

    In the bottom toolbar you have x, y, z coords... set the z to zero.

    This has now moved your pivot so that it cental to the main loco but at ground level...

    Unselect Affect pivot only
    Then in the bottom toolbar set the x and y positions to zero... if it moves your model it was in the wrong place ... and it is important that you model is at 0,0,0.

    With a diesel loco I would next position the bogies.
    Using the same principal as above first move the pivot point to the centre of the component.
    Then move the pivot down to ground (rail) level .
    Then move the bogie to its correct position .
    x and z will be zero and the Y distance is half the bogie centres (plus or minus)
    Get the actual distance from prototype data

    as you look in left view.. (ortho)

    the bogie on the left is 1_1000_bo01 the one on the right is 1_1000_bo02

    Next up is the wheels again centre the pivot on the wheel set but do not move down to rail level.

    First wheelset position will be
    x = 0
    y = your bogie position plus half the bogie wheelbase
    z = the radius of your wheel.

    second wheelset
    x = 0
    y = at the same position as your bogie
    z = the radius of your wheel.

    third wheelset
    x = 0
    y = your bogie position minus half the bogie wheelbase
    z = the radius of your wheel.

    the wheels names from left to right ( in left view) Co-Co loco
    bo01wh01, bo01wh02,bo01who3--------- bo02wh01, bo02wh02, bo02wh03

    you need to link the wheels to there respective bogie.

    make a note of the bogie positions and the wheel positions

    In the bogie blueprints

    enter the numbers noted , you wheel offsets are from the bogie centre
    enter the rear wheel first then the mid etc.

    when you enter the bogies into the engine blueprint enter the rearmost ( rh eg bo02 first )

    Hope it helps


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    Smile Awsome

    Hey Sly

    ive gotten things now to work as of sofar. only creating the wheels is it still possable to create one and copy the rest ? as ive done a small test with the errord bogie and after a copy it reverts back again ?

    Cheers Kev

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    In max go to left view with you front wheel set in place.

    select the front wheel set and then select the move tool..
    press shift and left click hold and drag on the green part of the arrow .. this will then give you a copy of your first wheel ... repeat for the others but do'nt forget to rename them correctly.

    Mirroring can cause problems.. nothing wrong and I use it ... a lot
    You just need to know that if you mirror you must either reset Xform or attach it to an object that hasn't been mirror'd

    Just a point on the copying later on you will want to UVmap components before either mirroring or copying as this will save much work ..

    For the bogies make the L/h one and if you mirror make sure you reset xform and then align to the world.

    Glad ya getting somewhere.


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    derek Guest


    it bring s a tear to my eye to read this thread...

    Great stuff from you both



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