Hello All

I'd like to tell you about a project I've just released that may be of interested to anyone interested in music and Japanese culture/trains. The project is called "Chikatetsu", which is the Japanese word for "subway".

See http://www.lascaux21.com/chikatetsu

CHIKATETSU, the “underground iron”, the subway system that is the heart of public transportation in the large cities of Japan. But this music is about those hyper-cultural and psycho-emotional spaces common to all aspects of modern life: isolation, solitude within crowds, private moments of sentiment, thought, feeling, memory, place, and the relationship of this highly individual experience to the whole. The music of CHIKATETSU is the soundtrack of these experiences - music for the inner listener.

Tim Gerwing's work investigates the musical nuances of these experiential modulations, exploring abstract and cross-cultural scenery describing a hyper-real inner reality. The mirror of self that illuminates the Other. Using ambient textures and modern musical motifs, nonlinear narratives, fractal audio perspective, and allegorical sonic imagery, Gerwing creates contemplative and immersive sonic environments which suggest the expansion of culture and of the modern self.

The mind creates, the ear accentuates. In this synaptic reality, sonic objects are calculations of the creative networkings of the mind - a mind that uses the body as a framework to explore ideas, patterns, and emotions. Within this musical environment, the mind is immersed in memes and memories both experienced and imagined.

[CHIKATETSU]: ambient textures -> electronic musical maps -> hyper-cultural leitmotifs -> fractal audio Perspectives -> psycho-emotional sonic imagery.
[music for the inner listener] -> contemplative sonic environments express the expansion of culture and the modern self.

Best wishes,

Tim Gerwing