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Thread: Buffer Stops & Suggestions

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    Default Buffer Stops & Suggestions

    Started building my route, and I decided to tackle the Caboose Motel that the line runs directly in front of.

    First question: Can you get rid of buffer stops?

    What is looks like in real life. As you see, they need to go

    Second question. I need suggestions with some asset trickery to pull this off

    If you look at the first pic at the top. On each side of the big building towards the front are passenger cars which are the motels restaurants.

    The mobile home canopy's would work to pull off the canopy part, but they fall short and float and aren't wide enough and run into the car.

    Any ideas of asset combination I could use to pull off the canopy on each side and what asset to use to fill in between to give a overall all one building effect.
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    I think that can be achieved by creating a special trackrule which does not use buffers, I think Jim can advice you on ?

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    For the tracks;

    Use the gradient adjust tool, set a pivot point near the end;

    Then move to the bitter end and lower until it drags the buffer underground. Alternative is to make a custom track that don't use buffers. As for canopies, if you look in the Stations category you'll find a few "Canopy" objects that should work.
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    Thanks! Worked perfect.

    I freestyled some make shift building out of a bunch of buildings. I'll work on the canopy's later. Building is no where near accurate to modern day but MEH it's does its job

    Here is what I've come up with so far. I'm happy with it thus far only after a few hours of work.

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