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Thread: Scenario challenges....

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    Question Scenario challenges....

    I'm working on a scenario for the Colton & Northern route as sold by Steam and have run into some puzzles. This is (surprise, surprise) a switching scenario that at one point involves shuffling several strings of hoppers among the four tracks of Westin Foundry. There's a separate Consist Instruction for each step, but not all of them include instructions for the player in their properties box. What happens is that as the player train starts backing into a siding where it is going to drop off its hoppers, the Consist Instruction trips as though the drop off were already completed.

    This isn't a real pain in the coupler at that point in the scenario, except that it could easily confuse a novice player. Then, however, the same thing happens as the player train and a consist of 14 empty hoppers first hits its final destination: siding 6 at Westin Bluffs Coal Mine. In this case, if the player clicks on the X in the message box so as to see what the train is doing, the scenario ends.

    If another scenario writer has run into this situation on this or any other route, I'd appreciate hearing about it--with or without a solution.

    In case it matters, I'm using engines and stock from the FLC Pack.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tom Pallen

    (P-l-e-a-s-e, don't use this thread as an excuse to broadcast your unrelated complaints about RW!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Default Uncoupling Issues

    While I have not exactly seen your situation, here are a few tricks that I have had to use since the latest updates of RW.
    1) Uncoupling of cars seems to be unrelated to the designated siding that you set when writing the direction. uncouple them anywhere and if the uncouple is the next instuction in the stack, you will get a "success." The solution I have used is to place a timed text ( short duration) instruction prior to the uncouple, to space the uncouple from a prior operation. And/Or
    2) Place a scenario destination marker just in "front" of the siding destinationn for the cars to be picked up or delivered. Then use a destination route instruction with a non-zero speed prior to the "vehicle" instruction.

    (Mild vent) - The linear "programming" of the scenario is RS and RW is really a problem. Linear programming takes me back to the 50's and my TRS - 80. Really its time for a re-vamp. This may have been the state of the art when MSTS was new, but times have changed (Whew - now I feel better)
    Jim F

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