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    Default Sidewalks

    Searched the file library and didn't see any, searched the RS route design forum and nothing. Has anyone created sidewalks for this? Or am I just missing them as default scenery?

    I'm becoming a stickler for detail on the scenery close to the train and a neighborhood like I'm building now just isn't complete without sidewalks

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    The Martian has a free version of scale roads;

    But for default, there is a road with built in sidewalks;

    Haven't looked to see if there are others yet, I'm still waiting to see if they're gonna fix the vehicle traffic before I get into streets and roads. As for adding individual sidewalks, there aren't any defaults, but the US retaining wall sunk into the ground makes an unreasonable facsimile.

    Track selection tool, click and drag a roadway, then switch to the offset tool and set the width around 8 or 9.

    Click the yellow cubes with the retaining wall selected to loft the walls;

    Then use the B key to lower into the ground;

    Use people and cars to get a height gauge. It's a bit wide for a suburban or side street sidewalk but it works fine for background.
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    Yeah, I saw the streets w/ the built in side walks but not a fan of every street having lane markers. Also didn't want to relay all the roads. Oh well. It's a train simulation not a neighborhood simulation. Roads relayed looks much better.

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