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    Cool Scenarios in series

    I've discovered that I like to create scenarios in series instead of just one at a time, so that the first scenario begins in the morning, let's say, and the second continues with the same player engine handling other tasks in the afternoon. The problem is that placing a new Standard Scenario marker wipes out all rolling stock and scenario specific assets. I've found a way around this, however.

    When I create the first scenario. I include all of the scenario specific assets and rolling stock I intend to use in both scenarios. As I place rolling stock, I save consists. Once I'm satisfied with the first scenario, I exit RW and use RW_Tools to clone it with a generic name, such as FollowUp. Then I start RW again and open the cloned scenario for editing. When it opens, I go to its properties box (the one associated with its marker), give it its real name, set the time of day, and perhaps the weather. Then I move the marker to the origin point of the new scenario (which is usually different from the origin point of the first one). This can be tricky, because the only way to do it is to use the two arrows above the marker to "fly" it to the new origin point. Patience is required, but it can be done.

    The next step is to delete the player engine or train left over from the first scenario, or at least its driver disc. After this is done, the engine or train for the second scenario can be placed at its origin point and given a driver and final destination. Before assigning additional instruction discs to the new player engine, I delete all of the old scenario's AI traffic and move or delete and reposition all rolling stock that was moved during the first scenario.

    These steps require quite a bit of flying around, but I simplify that by using the drivers list or the CTRL-click 2-D map trick. The only warning I'll offer is that this process places the new scenario's marker precisely where the old marker is, so at times separating the new one to move it can be tricky. If I'm not absolutely certain which marker to move, I click where the markers are located and raise one of them well up above the ground. Then I save the new scenario, close it, and reopen it for editing (this often requires shutting down RW and restarting it). Clicking on each of the markers in turn will then reveal which one I want to move.

    Tom Pallen

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    Yes, that one way of doing it, but do not forget that changing a scenario's start time will cause all it's AI services to have the wrong start time and will have to be altered manually, unless RW_Tools has a function to do it for you ?

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