Author: Mike Fortier

Version: v1 January 1, 2010

Description: A short section of the Union Pacific Railroad that passes through the City of Redding, CA.

Install: Download to your Desktop. Extract it (7zip is best). Go inside to the folder named Redding_California. Open it and Read the Read Me! Copy, then Paste the Redding_California folder to your Main MSTS ROUTES folder in the company of the 6 default routes (if stored in Train Store, restore them first). Inside Redding_California, find the Installme.bat and click it. Verify that the Shapes file contains: 1,142 Files, 0 Folders (right-clickk, select properties) Done!

Download: 171MB zip

Installed Route: 324MB

Reality: This is a working route with simulated real businesses and locations. It is highly detailed in an attempt to faithfully reproduce the prototype. While residents of the area will no doubt recognize the basic landmarks, embellishments were added to enhance 'play'. You'll notice most of the cars on the route are circa 50's and 60's. During "Cool April Nights", an annual week-long car show, the local roads are teaming with restored classic vehicles. The seasons all work - and night is especially nice. Check out the Fairgrounds after dark! Zoom way up to explore all the attractions, then sit a spell and watch the auto races.

Traffic: Passenger and Freight

Era: 1970s to Present

Location: Redding, California

Length of Mainline: 17.8 Miles

Track: Single track with three passing sidings (one official, two detour)

Yards and Sidings: One large Yard (embellished), a few smaller yards and many industrial sidings

Detail: High-detail, does not use Distant Mountains

Completion: 100%

Activities Provided: The general activity will allow you to make up your own work orders, either before you head out, or as you drive. It is "open-ended", meaning you can vary the same activity 'at will' and interact with any of the many default rolling stock populating the spurs and sidings. By returning to the dead-end siding from which your engines started, and backing the consist deep into it and stopping, any activity session will end successfully.
Two additional activities are provided for use after a special hopper is installed.

Rolling Stock Required: Default GP38 pair & the 25 default US2 wagons. A Special hopper is included with 2 add-on activities.

Required Add-ins: Xtracks v3.20 or better, NewRoads. Also, a custom CAMCFG.dat (included) is required to use the #6 key coupler view for yard activities (install seperately).

Freeware Route

Known issues:
* Works best on high end computers, 2GB+ RAM & fast video cards
* Frames per second, LOW (Object count in town is 1118. Any less and it wouldn't be a town)
* Stuttering (most noteable at Tile boundaries when objects are being drawn for the 8 surrounding Tiles)
* #6 coupler view freezes game
(alternate camcfg file required to eliminate this)
* #7 Yard view freezes the game when zoomed-in
(A modified common.iom is in the Enhancements Camcfg folder which moves the yard view to Shift+7
instead of 7, so it is not mistakenly pressed)
* Ghosting is seen with forest.dat tree shapes, most noticeably on hills north of the trestle. (MSTS bug?)
Nice trees though, so I'm leaving them there.
* If you see flashing billboards or treelines, you probably have your display set to 16 bit.
Run at 32 bit in both the game Display Options and your monitor settings.
If you can't run 32 bit, then this route is not for your computer.