Author: Andres Blaho

Version: v1 August 8th, 2008

Description: Narrow Gauge mountain route of the former A1 branch of the Ferrocarril Belgrano, that crosses the Sierra Chica range, at one of the most popular holidays and resting place in Argentina. The railway starts from Cordoba City, and finishes in Cruz del Eje traveling across and along the Sierra Chica range, a Section of 70Km of the railway the La Rioja and Mendoza was also included. Max height: 1100 meters over sea level in La Cumbre station.

Install: exe installer, requires 2 patches.

Download: 230MB installer

Installed Route: 541MB

Reality: The author intended to buid a route as real as possible, DEM terrain and distant mountains were used, also typical objects such as vegetation were designed for the route in order to represent the local geography with highest fidelity.

Traffic: Passenger and Freight

Era: 1890s to Present

Location: Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina

Length of Mainline: 225 kilometers

Track: Single 0,86m gauge track (real is 1m), some zones around Cordoba City use dual track.

Yards and Sidings: One large Yard at Alta Córdoba, at Córdoba Mitre and a small yard at Cruz del Eje.

Detail: High-detail.

Completion: 100%

Activities Provided: None

Required Add-ins: Xtracks v3.20 or better, NewRoads v3.2. A modified camcfg.dat is suggested, many yard zones were defined in order to take advantage from the view 7.

*Quilpo mining branch
*Thea mining branch
*Valle Hermoso mining branch
*La Calera mining branch
* Córdoba Mitre - Malagueno (Dual Track)
* Emp. Bo Flores - Dumesnil (Dual Track)

License: Freeware Route

Known issues:
- Patch is needed due to a missing texture on the original installer.
- Telepoles include cables, some of the are not properly aligned.
- Some Distance signals are not responding accordingly.

Download from argensim:
texture patch:
A patch that solves several signal problems